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Generation Gaps
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With regards to managing the various generations that are present in the workplace,  management may face obstacles. Younger workers are increasingly entering the workforce,  delaying the retirement of older workers. As a result, the workplace has evolved into a  patchwork of diverse perspectives and experiences, all of which are, to put it mildly, valuable. Although the presence of diverse cultures in a single workplace can lead to communication  challenges and conflicts, the advantages of this variety far surpass any potential drawbacks.  Both younger and elder employees possess a wealth of ideas that can contribute to the success  of the organisation in the marketplace. Developing the ability to navigate the generation divide  in the workplace will assist you in improving as a manager and colleague. This course aims to provide participants with an understanding of the different generations that  coexist in the workplace, including their motivations and daily interactions. Prior to delving into  the topic of the generation divide in the workplace, let us commence our session with an  activity designed to foster mutual understanding and facilitate readiness for learning. Upon completion of this course, attendees ought to possess the ability to: 

The origins of generation differences 

Define traditionalists. 

Define baby boomers. 

Inquire about Generation X 

Inquire about Generation Y. 

Distinction between every generation type 

Establishing harmony between generations 

Conflict administration 

Taking advantage of generational differences in the workplace 

What is covered in the course?  

Lesson 1. History 

Lesson 2. Traditionalist 

Lesson 3: Baby Boomers

Lesson 4: Generation X 

Lesson 5: Generation Y 

Lesson 6: Differentiations 

Lesson 7: Finding Common Ground Lesson 8: Conflict Resolution I Lesson 9: Conflict Resolution II Lesson 10: The  Power of Four





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