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Business Acumen
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  • 10 Lessons
  • 60 Min

Business acumen, which may be described as the knowledge of how to evaluate an external
market and make sound judgements, is seen by many to be innate. Some individuals just
appear to have an instinctive understanding of what it takes to run a company successfully.
Steve Jobs is one example who had a superb business sense. Thankfully, it's feasible for the rest
of us to develop our business skills as well with the right education and work experience.
Topics covered in this course range from learning to take a holistic view to mastering financial
literacy, risk management, critical thinking, managerial acumen, and locating important financial

What Is Included In This Course
Lesson 1. How To Look At The Larger Picture
Lesson 2. Identifying Key Performance Indicators
Lesson 3. Strategies to Control Risks
Lesson 4. Increase Your Appetite to Learn
Lesson 5. Your Business Awareness
Lesson 6. Financial Knowledge I
Lesson 7. Financial Knowledge II
Lesson 8. Managerial Expertise in Business Matters
Lesson 9. Analytical Thinking

Lesson 10. Essential Business Forces


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